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What's the meaning of Hellmet?
Hellmet is something you put on your head, a kind of shell or some simple hat or cap, that transports you immediately into Hell.
Just like that?
Yes. As soon you put it on. Is a designation. A script.
So, Hellmet is a new word that should come in the next editions of English dictionaries but is more than that, more than the word or its meaning, is it real?
It is real, yes, in the way as it can be expressed as a symbolic feeling or way of life. But also can be judged as an object. Even if it starts as a metaphor, the image of Hell and all, or as an idea, the idea of getting you in the deepest of pains and troubles, can lead to a potential real object or device.
Something self inflicted, like a sadist way of turning your life into a nightmare, a prelude of a suicide? Is there any project of building it?
There's many ways of built it. Nowadays there's already a virtual reality implanted into life costums that spreads through a multitude of instruments, so would be not difficult to make it specific on top of the realm of evil and suffering. But that's not the idea. Although you can find Hell situations around the world and through History, there's no real need to build one. Man already have the keys to jump into those nightmares alone with no help for an external gadget. You name it. Wars, Hunger, Selfishness. It goes from A to Z.
You used this term into your music, into sound, tell us how.
The concept is the same. Smashing noise and music into rapture it makes a way of getting you out of your own self, leading you to another world through an overwhelming different set of emotions. "Just close your eyes and let yourself go", into hell or whatever dark side you have, go with that flow, that's the motif . You'll learn something very useful for your future. The meaning of Hell can be the inverse from where you stand now. It goes through the lack and shortage of time. Time you have to live, time you have to perform your life. It's never enough. Going into Hell is a shortcut to a whole insert of experiences. Even if you get wounded it's always temporary, even if you get a scar from the travel, when you get back you will hold it as a trophy. A mark on your timeline. In short terms is a way to take you out of boredom. That's what Hellmet is about.
Will it come out or will stay just as a project? What are your plans?
I don't know how to make music. I just use some helpful tools to make it. It takes a while, but one after the other, I want to make a record on my own and bring me and 'The Speeds From Mars' into life. I mean, into something people can hold and hear from scratch till the end.
What about The Speeds from Mars, who are they, some David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust re-modeling?
They are whatever you want them to be. They're just a complement. They're out there and they're part of my garage band, living on another planet. And they are the bugs inside of me that are kept whispering into my dreams every night. The are my noise addiction. My speed hallucination. My space invaders. Yes, the name came from 'Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars" one of the best records ever made that symbolize that multitude of the Self, clearly expressed into David Bowie's work and embodied through out his existence. It still makes me shiver and it will till the end of my life. That's how life is such beauty fool. From star to dust.


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