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If you come today to the Hung Kong Miu area and enter our little red shop at the corner of the square you can listen to a set of music probably you might find familiar, but somehow unusual at the same time. Because today we have The Jacques Loussier Trio, it's a jazz band who performs sometimes classical music, and we are playing now, and during the whole day, Erik Satie's Gymnopedies and Gnossiennes. You heard it for sure on its original piano, the slow and tempered piano. They are beautiful played by this trio and will cherish a complement resonance with the Chinese temple in front of us. You should come along and hear it while you browse your fingers through our bookshelves. I guarantee you that will be a time well spend.

I have long considered Satie's Gnossienne to be some of the most emotionally touching and versatile pieces in music. So I went searching for as many versions of them as possible. I found everything from guitar to harp to dance floor remixes. But there was one interpretation that stood out from all of them: the Jacques Loussier Trio interpretations.
From Satie we flow on into Bach and Handel as well as some Baroque pieces, all by the Jacques Loussier Trio. You are most welcome to come. You still have time, we close at 8.00 P.M. today.

Jacques Loussier WEBSITE
Satie: Gymnopedies Gnossiennes / Jacques Loussier Trio ON AMAZON


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