Play by the book

It's going to happen tomorrow. We're going to take our kids section to Taipa, down the road of the University of Macau, on the way to the Friendship Bridge, Pac On, whatever. Yes, is that green School on the block, the big and round one. Is got a name, is the Sheng Kung Hui Primary School. And we are going to set some tables full of books for kids and some for their parents. English beauty fool books for the soul and will last just for one day. Prepare yourself and your children and get some nice learning objects full of pages to read at to let your imagination flow away.
From 8 A.M. on we are going to be at the Father Thomas Pear Tree Avenue, yes, than one, this is a free translation, just for you, at nº 109-117. It's our second Children's Bookfair of the year, first time with just English titles. And will have around 400 books just to go and we'll only leave after we sell the last one. ;-)


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