True lies in itself

Everybody, someway or another, keep curious asking me why did I choose the name Bloom. I was interviewed while ago for a local chinese magazine and, well, I sold again my usual story. The literary reference from James Joyce's Ulysses where the main character is called Leopold Bloom and all of that stuff. I even mentioned kind of the plot, the narrative of an ordinary day that goes for more than six hundred pages. Dublin and the Bloomsday every year at the 16th of June. And they go "wow" asking me to see the edition in their hands. It's an impressive book and really is a good enough reason for a baby's name.
The Mao Zedong quote: «Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend.»
Then is the word itself. Bloom, the exotic freshness of the term. The blossom in touch with the flower that irradiates from Macau. The conotation to the flag. The new, the seed, the beauty. All things that grow and stay at its peak, prospering. It's not bad to sculpt the panorama and the concept of the whole project. It's a good idea.
But the reality is not so bright. In fact the truth is that everything was named after a song. A dark grunge tune written by Kurt Cobain, from the band Nirvana, in 1990. That's it. Now that I've break the ice and told it all in one scrap you can check it with your own eyes. Just tune your Bloom TV to this spot.
And now? Will you stop coming to Bloom or will you come more often? You just need to remember there's nothing but the truth.


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