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A comprehensive encyclopedic history of gambling since the mystical knowledge of Stone Age. It goes from the ancient origins of odds and evens as an divination "game" until the bustling online gambling of our times. Schwartz is a historian at the University of Nevada and tells the epic story of gambling arguing that was always a crucial part of the evolution of Man.

David G. Schwartz • Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling
Gotham • Reprint edition (October, 2007) • Paperback • 592 pages

From the opening pages of After Dark you immediately jump into a story where you travel as a movie camera. Going back and forward, flying through a scope of characters that live between the interruptions of time as night falls into darkness. You are the observer. You can see, you can feel, but you cannot intervene. A shift of secrets between two sisters flakes into a mistery story full of humor and psychological tension where love plays with compassion. The hypnotic Murakami at his best.

Haruki Murakami • After Dark
Harvill Secker • ISBN: 1846550475 • Paperback • 208 pages

Building physical barriers to try to solve political or ethnic conflict proved be a drastic and unrealistic solution in the past. From day to dawn Israel built a wall in the Palestine territories that flows now for a distance of 650 kms and its silence is felt in every corner of the world like a stain of human disruption. Since October 2003, the Berlin-based and awarded photographer Kai Wiedenhöfe as been the testimony of this new path composing the fragments of the people that suddenly could not shake hands with their neighbors.

Kai Wiednhöfe • The Wall

Steidl • ISBN: 3865211178 • Hardcover • November 2006


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    Roll the Bones is already a Best-seller at Bloom. It was sold out immediatly. We wait now for more copies.
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    New copies are available now! :-)

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