From the four corners

Also from Duncan Baird Publishers (check bellow Cosmos), one of the book-houses we praise the most, comes one of the richest books about Chinese Culture. A very complete and beautifully produced title that can share with you all the knowledge about one of the ancient countries in the world, because this book talks to your ears and shines to your eyes.
Treasures of China presents, in stunning colour photographs, a vivid portrait of this distinguished civilization and its great treasures – tracing the history of the “heavenly kingdom” through its dynasties of rulers, from the Shang and Zhou at the dawn of antiquity down through the millennia to the Qing at the onset of the modern age. The book looks at each dynasty in turn, traces its developments in religion, art and culture, and examines its legacy of artefacts and monuments. An authoritative commentary sets the breathtaking creations of Chinese artists and craftsmen in their historical and artistic contexts and explains the significance of sacred motifs and emblems. Encompassing mythological subjects as well as aspects of the three great religions of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism, Treasures of China illustrates beautiful examples of metalwork, silk weaving, painting, jade carving, manuscript illumination, calligraphy, ceramics, lacquerwork and much more – wonderful highlights of arguably the most exciting culture in the world.

Treasures of China The Glories of the Kingdom of the Dragon, by John Chinnery


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