Spicy winds

Typhoon Neoguri was here just a step away from Macau. What it seemed like an inoffensive trajectory, going through Hainan Island, what is still faraway from us, it suddenly changed its course and turned its head changing the dailylife in Macau.
Neoguri was the first typhoon of the year in south China and had winds estimated at 160 kilometers per hour. The storm is now loosing its strength and was forecast to weaken as it moved over the South China Sea to eastern Hainan and mainland China, where it waved Macau and Hong Kong up in the North.
As usual, sea ferry services between the two SAR's
were suspended starting from early Saturday afternoon. The bridges between Macau and Taipa were closed and all public places and stores were also shut down. A number of ferry services within Hong Kong waters were also suspended. Bloom went home at one o'clock. Better days will come.


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