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Since we opened our store we've been using an amazing application for our sales management. We started almost together as the software was very new at the time. It's called Checkout, a powerful and easy to use Point of Sale (POS) system for Mac. It's made by Sofa a design studio from the Netherlands, that builds up interfaces and user-friendly software who's giving rise to happy users. Sofa battles to delight people with beautiful and great interaction models and stunning interface design.
Now an update version 2.0 comes to light with a lot of new features. The new version introduces credit card processing, multi-user capability, and integration with popular accounting software and an even better designed platform with many more enhancements.
Checkout 2.0 is a powerful Point of Sale system with tons of new customer-requested features, but what’s most gratifying is that we were able to improve ease-of-use even further,” says Dirk Stoop, Partner, Werck BV, a joint venture between Sofa and MYOB US famous for the award-winning small business accounting and management software. “It’s a more mature product, and we stand by our mantra that you can get a Mac, start a store, and be up and running in 15 minutes.”
Use Checkout to take orders, make sales, print invoices and accept payments. Checkout records all in-store transactions to generate a range of interactive reports. No matter what you sell, from denim to poetry, from bikes to cigars, this can make your life a little bit easier.
Don't forget to see the profiles page to read about how Checkout makes a difference for a variety of retailers all over the world. You'll get a surprise! ;-)
Checkout 2.0 is priced at 399 US$ and you if you like you can join us and test drive it at Bloom. We'll show you everything.


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