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Well, is about time to put some sound here. We have the pleasure to announce the opening of BLOOM RADIO today. Supported by Last•FM, the social music revolution, we bring you two channels that you can choose from, play, stop, change, fast-forward, and sing and dance. Look at the right side here at our home. Currently we are playing, on CHANNEL #1, songs from Jacques Brel and related artists and, on CHANNEL #2, Nick Cave as his deadly friends. This will change with time. We're open for requests. Take your peek now and enjoy! We don't need to say more. It's all for you.

Jacques Brel's Similar Artists
BLOOM RADIO #2: Nick Cave's Similar Artists

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  1. Thorn said...
    Wow that's perfect. We could take it home away from Bloom and keep it banging all night long.
    I prefer Bloom #2, even if I like Brell a lot I'm not much into French music as a whole, but that's a good idea.
    On Channel #2 there's some good stuff I haven't heard for years. Thank you for making me happy.

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