Analogue vs. Digital

The new issue of MONOCLE is here and you cannot miss it. Of course you can, but that's up to you. You'll loose a lot of things you should see and read. I mean, I'm not trying to convince you about buying the magazine. It's just that I like it. Alright, I am. Really I am trying to getting your eyes into it. Yes, you should buy MONOCLE. Because it's so nice. The touch of the paper, the content, the layout. It talks about cities in the world. It tells you about other countries and their tempts to grow outstanding, not necessarily new or big, but wonderful. From Pakistan to Denmark you'll have it all. A, B, C, D, E. Affairs, Business, Culture, Design, Edits. And I'm the marketing manager down here.
MONOCLE is a multimedia venture by the Canadian journalist and entrepreneur Tyler Brûlé, a dissident and the man behind Wallpaper* magazine. It is edited by Andrew Tuck. The Creative Director is Richard Spencer Powell, and the Director of Web and Broadcast is Dan Hill.
'The cover brings the analogue world and the movement to resist against the digital conquer. Plus a security check on airport perimeter defenses. Inside, and every issue goes a bit on the orient, you have China's economic lubricant with its new pack of luxury malls; a photo essay on the new Beijing buildings; the African community in Guangzhou. And if you cannot hear about China anymore you can dig aside an article on Kabul or Johannesburg. Or whatever.
MONOCLE is one of the few magazines that cost less in Asia (100 Mop$) than in Europe (10 €). Maybe there's even a black market about it. People buying in Asia and smuggling it in Europe at a higher price. But that is something is not my business and I don't really know.

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