Watch out!

A big night is coming to town. A first timer. It's not a religious event whatsoever, no. It's beyond that. It's experimental and raw. And it gets even better when it gulps against our throats. Yeah, all the way down. We're sure it doesn't come benched on the touristic class. Probably will be under that, aside the trash can or so, close enough to the bar and to a pack of beer. Word to mouth. A whiskey doll. A piano play.
Like a bird will bend its wings and will slightly whisper its lungs out. With smoke. With anger. Quietly. Deep. Vanishing inside our minds, step by step, jump by jump, in crescendo. Have you seen it? Have you heard of it before? In your dreams, perhaps, into your lonely dreams, hanging the words together. The words you hear. The words you see.
Well, you still have to wait. We'll give you the time to prepare yourself. To be at ease. Burning. So you can fight back. So you can drink and swallow. Mouthful. But not more than that. Not a day more. And one more thing. Forget the luxury. Forget your best dress. Forget your wealth. This is all about disturbance and it will get worst while the night falls. But then again everything it's simple. Plain natural. Like the tip of your tongue when it touches the first bottle.

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  1. Bukowski Lover said...
    Looking forward to be there! When will it happen?

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