Matter of life

Give books, not toys. Open your mind. Learn a magic trick and entertain every kid you meet. Question your assumptions. Master a tune on a musical instrument. Hug someone. Let someone beat you in an argument. Daydream. Wear bright colors. Hold your temper. Enjoy life, a happier you is better for everyone else. Go for a swim. Give a stray animal a home. Volunteer for something. Give someone hope. Learn all about an historical era. Learn a dance. Compliment the next child you meet. Recycle. Try a drink you never had before. Indulge yourself. Don't worry, be happy. Inspire someone. Climb a mountain (or even a hill). Make someone laugh. Scare yourself. Right out of the blue, tell someone you love them. Remember the meaning of life (make others happy). Set a goal. Give someone a break. Learn a song in foreign language. Take the long way around. Stand up to a bully. Grow a herb garden. Read a children's book. Attempt something incredibly difficult. Look for the best in someone you dislike. Develop an outlandish philosophy. Buy a puzzle toy and figure it out. Watch the sun rise. Get a complete health check-up. Ride a bicycle. Get a pen pal. Buy someone a non-birthday present. Be you!


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