Apart from that

Will you get to this point?
Will you believe?
Will you shout?

Believe it!
We're gonna put the city in flames
We're going to tear everything down
Your envious life
Your mishaps
And it's just a game

To blast boredom
To beat the bank
To roll it up
Against your will to stay

We'll blaze the fence lines of rainstorms

And on the event
Of ever circumstance
Rapture will rise
And glee!

Shout, believe and get here!



  1. Rosie said...
    Otherwise....forever be doomed to the obscurity of oblivion and stillness. Yes...get there! Now! Before it's too late!
    António said...
    Hello Rosie, where have you been?
    Rosie said...
    Humm have we met before?
    Antonio said...
    Oh... maybe you're not the Rose I've met.
    Mine was red, big and beautiful, with lots of thorns. Where are you?
    Anonymous said...
    Hello. And Bye.
    Anonymous said...
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