Poetry Reading with Edwin Thumboo

We were planning it for a while, the start of our new place in some other part of the city. It will get shape at St. Lazarus District, a new area targeted from the Government of Macau to be dedicated to Creativity. If you cross a line, it don't need to be straight, between St. Paul Ruins or the Mount Fortress and Tap Seac Square it's just in the middle.
For our first event we joined forces with the Department of English of the University of Macau who invited the acclaimed Singaporean poet Edwin Thumboo for a series of lectures in the university in Taipa, from whom arise the opportunity to have a different session in town. So it is. It's the first 2008 Bloom Encounter at Albergue, a new space dedicated to Creative Sustainability, where Bloom is germinating a new seed and assembling a lineup of periodic happenings.
We are honored to initiate this set of events with this collaboration from the University of Macau which is bringing to all of us such a distinguished author.
The event will happen this Wednesday, March 26 at 6.30 p.m.

We thank you all with most gratitude for your presence and for your dedicated support to Bloom.


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