An incredible credit

This is Weekend Weekly a travel magazine from Hong Kong with a high circulation rate. As you can see on the left bottom corner we are on the cover, along side with some landmarks of Macau. It's incredible to have such a privilege and at first we could not believe it.
Nowadays everyone is giving a special attention to Macau. More and more visitors are coming and the scoop of citizens that want to live and work here is growing up. The territory is most of all an opportunity for business. Mainly for outside investors that bang the real estate and put it on fire. And other find their niches of market among the revenues of tourism and leisure. For most of the local population this snowball it's not bringing its benefits as prices are much higher on everything. But life goes on.
Weekend Weekly one more time gives its front to the other side of the Delta. But this time it's not about the big projects of luxury or the new casinos and their big complexes of entertainment. The main article is focused on the Best Kept Secrets of Macau. The undisclosed daily life of the streets. Small projects that give to the city a different expression. Almost individual efforts to create unique resources and furtive amenities where you can hide from the frame of the stressful demanding urban life.
From cultural places, to restaurants, to associations and other strolls, this edition, where the architect Nuno Soares also chooses his particular places, points to new targets on the map. And so, there we are as the Lonely Planet's Pick. We are much grateful and honored. This is a cover to be hanged on the wall. [CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE IT BIGGER.]

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