Crying, shiku shiku
Reluctantly, shibu shibu
Repeatedly, tabi tabi
Just in time, giri giri
Hara hara, nervous heartbeat
Kira kira, glittering sparkle
Chika chika, the flickering light of the stars
Doki doki, the hammering beat of my heart

I'm messed up, mecha mecha
But you laugh, gera gera
In the lightning, goro goro
And your eyes, pika pika
Kisu kisu by the river
Gusha gusha, that flows so slow
Zaa zaa, in the sound of the pouring rain
Chiku chiku, when will I see you again?

Nervous Heartbeat
He said: «I want to make something as static, as friendly, as consensual, as self-effacing, as Japan itself. It will be a feminine record and a friendly record. It will - it should - contain the deep sensuality of Renaissance lute music, or bossa nova. You should be able to put it on and just let it hover in the background all the way through, structuring your contentment in a self-effacing, classical, cool and elegant way. I don't know if I'm capable of making music that serene and sensual, but I want to try.»

I'm all in Japan. Reading Grotesque from Natsuo Kirino and stepping my feet into Underground by Murakami. Each one gives a life experience of japanese exuberance, zest and history. It's all there. The social report, the verve and the damnation! It gives you as much as you can get... and the thing is that I'm not in Macau anymore, I'm living in the P Ward of a Tokyo Station with a nervous heartbeat!
This song is the best you can get for you to carry on and give me your hand on this trip. Come, it's beautiful!


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