Portrait of the Rising Dragon

Basil Pao, author of China Revealed, featured last Sunday - June 17th, South China Morning Post Magazine.
The book was a result of Basil's travellings throughout China, in the search and discovery of his own roots:

China, a country of 1.3 billion people in the grip of an industrial revolution absorbing a large part of the world's resources, was until relatively recently a closed book to most in the West. With the advent of the Olympic Games in Beijing more and more people will visit this vast country and with that in mind the Hong-Kong based, internationally celebrated photographer and writer Basil Pao determined to travel through every province of China, recording history and landscape, people and places, to give a comprehensive snapshot of China today. By turns lyrical and
exquisite, stark and brutal, his informative text and powerful photographs show a country in transition. A country whose four thousand years of cultural history are being rediscovered, and where new urban wealth and rural poverty coexist uneasily as a new regime tackles a legacy of corruption, of anarchy under Mao's cultural revolution and repression in its aftermath. CHINA REVEALED is a profoundly important and visually stunning record of one of the most powerful nations on earth.

A book that you may discover @ Bloom!

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  1. Rose said...
    This is the most beautiful book on China that I have found yet! The photography is both artistic and narrative, and the history given is both fresh and engrossing. Amazing book!

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