The evidence

We where supposed to meet at The Hub.
"The Hub", she said. I can still hear it well.
And now - and ever! - I don't know what she ment by that.
"Meet me at The Hub", she didn't care to look at me, she was just staring outside over the window. I was just amazed with all and could not find my reason to ask her what was she talking about.
And as she came she left. In the oblivion.
The only thing I've got now - almost at the end! - is that: "The Hub".
I'm gazing through Centaurium Phive, my heart is aching, shaping out bruises, maybe someone somewhere can help me. Maybe "The Hub" is just there around the corner where I can finally meet her.
One hundred years passed and I'm still gliding up her voice. Her shadow waving goodbye. Crafting the infinite with detail. From planet to planet.
That's all I have, dwelling and scratching down my whole life through the remains of my last memory. The only left to tell.
And I just don't know how to.


  1. Carlos said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Carlos said...
    Show us the Hub... there's any map there that recalls memories and familiar faces that we can dive through de holes of space?
    I like to think so...
    roisin said...
    I love this. I am left with a strange secret knowing, an involuntary entwinement in some stranger's tragedy...
    Alternative Supplier said...
    You use words I don't know, had to look up in the dictionary:

    entwine |enˈtwīn|
    verb [ trans. ] (often be entwined)
    wind or twist together; interweave : they lay entwined in each other's arms | figurative the nations' histories were closely entwined.

    Ring is out of his own range...

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