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Just arrived today are two books from Phaidon Press, here they are:

The Silver Spoon
The bible of traditional Italian cooking, with over 2,000 recipes.

The Silver Spoon, the most influential and successful Italian cookbook of the last 50 years, is available in English for the first time. Originally published in 1950, it became an instant classic, selling over one million copies in eight editions. Considered essential in every household, it is still one of the most popular wedding presents today.

The Silver Spoon was conceived and first published by Domus, the design and architectural magazine famously directed by Giò Ponti from the 1920s to the 70s. A select group of cooking experts was commissioned to collect hundreds of traditional Italian recipes and make them available for the first time to a wider modern audience.

In the process, they updated ingredients, quantities and methods to suit contemporary tastes and customs, at the same time preserving the memory of ancient recipes for future generations. They furthermore included modern recipes from some of the most famous Italian chefs, resulting in a style of cooking that appeals to the gourmet chef and the amateur enthusiast alike.

A comprehensive and lively book, its uniquely stylish and user-friendly format makes it accessible and a pleasure to read. It provides an introduction to every course, and an in-depth explanation of the main type of ingredients. Each recipe is accompanied by a recommended list of wines, whilst a section devoted to menus (seasonal, special occasions, everyday) aims to help not only with the cooking but also with the planning of the perfect culinary event.

Never translated before, The Silver Spoon has now been adapted to an international market, with every recipe scrutinized for suitability, measurements converted and methods rewritten to accommodate cultural differences, while maintaining the authenticity of real Italian cooking. The new layout emphasizes its contemporary appeal and the colour-coding of each section simplifies the process of cross-referencing ingredients and methods.

This is a monumental and unsurpassably prestigious cookbook that will share the bookshelves with classic titles such as The Joy of Cooking and Larousse Gastronomique. With over 2,000 recipes illustrated with specially commissioned art work and photography, the book is destined to become a fresh and definitive classic in the Italian cuisine booklist.

A global overview of contemporary industrial design.

Curated by Ron Arad, Giulio Cappellini, Ultan Guilfoyle, Brooke Hodge, Laura Houseley, Hansjerg Maier-Aichen, Ryu Niimi, Ramón Ubeda, Lisa White and Stefan Ytterborn

Spoon is a definitive view of new product design, presenting the work of 100 exceptional designers who have emerged on an international platform as recently as the last five years: these are selected by 10 critics, designers and entrepreneurs who are universally respected for their informed opinion on the international contemporary design scene.

This book provides provides a unique opportunity to explore a diverse collection of recent design projects: furniture, lighting, tools, utensils, high-tech products, machinery and so on. The designers are listed in alphabetical order, featuring two double-page spreads for each. Fresh, exemplary products are brought to life by sketches, drawings, computer renderings, model and prototypes that help to explain, together with the extensive captions, the process behind each project.

Short analytical texts by the curators explains the designers' works and the characteristics that make their projects forward-looking and groundbreaking. Spoon also features, at the end of the book, 10 'classic' industrially manufactured product designs, chosen by the curators as best examples of the 'good design'. These 'classics' are accompanied by the curators' respective explanations of their choice of designers and their concept of 'good design'.

Spoon takes its place in a unique series of surveys identifying 100 of the most interesting, cutting-edge practitioners of key art forms. Parallel surveys include cream and Fresh Cream (contemporary art), BLINK. (photography), and 10 x 10 and 10 x 10_2 (architecture).

Also available is a specially-bound hardback edition, with a striking steel cover, which mirrors the pioneering design of the book's subject matter, asserting, through its unique design, a vital presence.

So what are you waiting for? A spoon is all you need to start digging a new way at BLOOM?

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