The gift of perfection

Margot Fonteyn (1919–1991) Margot Fonteyn - born plain Peggy Hookham - was dreamed into existence by the architects of British ballet: Ninette de Valois, Frederick Ashton and Constant Lambert. Carried to fame on a wave of wartime patriotism, Margot's sense of duty rather than ambition propelled her forward. Yet her gifts were such that her pre-eminence would come to eclipse the careers of subsequent generations. Ballet is a fairytale world; if Margot, like the pure and poetic heroine of Swan Lake, was a natural Odette, she would also have to contend with virtue's raw shadow-side in the guise of Constant Lambert, Roberto Arias and Rudolph Nureyev - the men who, like Von Rothbart, were to take possession of her heart.

Margot Fonteyn: A Life * by Meredith Daneman.
Penguin * ISBN: 0140165304

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  1. Viola said...
    I agree with you that duty propelled Margot Fonteyn forward after her husband was paralysed. However, before that I think that ambition and love for her art drove her.

    She was one of my childhood heroines so I was pleased to find a biography of her recently.

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