"Historic Center of Macau"

World Heritage Product Fashion ShowMacau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre - Level 4
Tomorrow, June 30 – 15:00
As part of the first “Macao Apparel Week”

The show sets a great example of Macau’s unique value. With its legacy of more than 400 years of mixing cultures, where the East joins the West, creating an all set of experiences. The examples of this understanding can be seen through many great manifestations. On architecture, on food, on language, on music, streetscape and cultural forms.

In 2005, Macau entered the World Heritage List. Through this show we relive this interchange of culture, bringing designers from different practices and areas to the same stage. From Fashion, Architecture, Product and Graphic Design, Music and Video. Despite the use of different forms they share the same goal to celebrate Macau: A Historic City. We hope through this event we can bring more and more people to share the same experience we practice everyday.
Organized by The Association of Advertising Agents of Macau and co produced by +853 Cultural Association.

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