Yeah, I was really nervous.
Yes, I was so nervous I couldn't believe it.
It was crazy. So long. So many years and then there I was, waiting. Waiting just a bit with all the world in my hands.
Yeah, that was all my world. And my hands, I kept them with me all the time. There was nothing more.
That was the reason for what I lived untill then. For what I was born. And standing there I couldn't believe it. Oh fuck, that was the day. Gouge away.
And so it was. The lights broke down, the smoke came, everyone around me shouted and jumped. Raised their hands. And I thought "Fuck, this is it, this is the day, this is now and I'm here!"
And so I jumped, I raised my hands, I shouted the hell out of me. I couldn't believe a minute of what was happening. And I didn't care.
I didn't care if that was a dream or not. If I was just sleeping or if someone was spitting a curse upon me. I really didn't care at all...
And the smoke passed away, the lights were just this crazy as I was, as everybody was. The sound bursting in my ears and the rest of everything around me, wow!
They came, that I remember. After that I just don't know, I can try to make an idea if somebody asks. I can try myself out, but I doubt it could be the truth. If it could be what other people say. I can try to recall some of the words like "your dad is rich and your mama is a pretty face...", or something like that, but right now isn't really important.
I was so nervous and then there was this calmness, this nothing I can say or explain and suddenly I was not there: I was out of my mind.
And fuck, that was good!


  1. Recovering Joke said...
    É hoje! É hoje!
    Joke fully recovered said...
    Have you been
    rubbing a bad charm
    with holy fingers?

    I am sitting
    in the aftermath
    of this moment.
    Seems like forever
    and the sky
    just keeps on falling.
    The 1001st Clown said...
    I will put you all day if you want chained to the pillars!!
    roisin said...
    Keep coming back to this piece. Love it! :-)

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