On Heritage

Traveling stands still in the heart of a city. The quietness radiates a striking line from where History flows, from the walls, the roots and the windows of another plane of time, blending the interpretation of a vivid culture. The result is a new legacy, the richness of a diverse cultural heritage embarking on a singular, endless journey.
In creativity the present is transformed, mixing the scents, the shapes and the colors through an expanding future where distinction and meaning creates this new arrangement that crosses space and imagination.
Today the heritage is not set on yesterday but on the time to come. Sewing and designing the past onto a new creative product.

Invited by The Association of Advertising Agents of Macau, AAAM, the Cultural Association +853 presents an approach to the subjects of heritage and fashion. Locating cultures, tourism and historic facts, through the eyes and lines of different artists, promoting Macau’s diversity and placing it on a unique stand of History.


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