A local difference

+853 is an association that was born in the city with a simple target: to feel the urban space.

In the beginning, there were only two or three streets, shared by those who came first. Then, some more arrived, each one with a street and a neighborhood, each one with his stories, arts, wishes, hopes and despairs. With shared secrets and daily discoveries. When you look to the map, you cannot see two similar streets. When you look up, you are not able to find the same window twice. This city is a human being.

Macau lives between the peace of the hidden gardens and the chaos of the impetuous cranes that changes the faces of the city. Macau lives in its difference, in the indifference of the end of the afternoons. It lives with complacence and with the impatience of the days. It lives from those who breathe and with the ones who dream. Some desire future, others prefer past. The present is around there.

Here, in +853, we just want to feel the city, with all that it has. Because we are like it and it is so much of us, between peace and impatience, we want the city with all its colours and shapes. It is not much and it is everything: the city as it really is. It is the wish of stopping in turbulent days and the desire of moving in stagnation periods. It is to live the city, to feel it, to commemorate it with everything that it has, in all the possible different ways.

Here, in +853, we don’t have the same two windows. Some are shaped and strong. Others are small and shine. Some have curtains and are made of wood. Others are painted with fresh colors. All of them are widely opened, to look to the city and let it come in.

The +853 is an association that gathers different visions and philosophies to the city and that proposes to feel the urban space through several artistic ways. It is a project of united synergies, designing moments to discover, discuss and reinvent the city. During the whole year, the days are to learn, analyze and construct, with workshops, seminars, meetings, books, music, movies, and also shared teas and coffees.


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