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Since the Pixies broke up in 1993, and since Kurt Cobain paid tribute to them in an interview, the Boston band's popularity has steadily risen. Directed by Steven Cantor and Matthew Galkin, loudQUIETloud follows the Pixies on their 2004 reunion tour, in which every show sold out in minutes.

Cantor and Galkin's film of the band's immensely successful 2004 reunion tour has been trailed elsewhere as some sensationally lurid backstage soap, complete with epic conflict, grand neuroses and spectacular falls from the wagon. In fact, it's a subtle, sensitive record of a group of people struggling to figure out what they once achieved, what it meant, and how they might somehow start again. It's the kind of rock doc HBO-auteur Alan Ball might have drafted - the story of a surrogate family where no one communicates, everything is swept under the carpet, and the very real midlife horrors of life and death find odd correlatives in the dream-logic of song.

By far loudQUIETloud is not a documentary about The Pixies reunion. It was made by heart and it was the true testemony of something that was happening in real time. It gives you all, the glimpse of the past, the answers to the death of the Pixies and all the atmosphere that surrounded its return. It's so true on the passion that makes you cry.

Thankfuly to YOUTUBE we can get amazing parts of this film. Later we will have it at Bloom and probably we will make a screening of it somewhere in Macau. But untill then you can get this taste of it. Please enjoy BLOOM TV and visit us any time!

Find more information at the oficial site.
Prepare yourself and hang on to your ego:

PART 2 (I was there, in the London concert, on the same queue, it was sold out, I payed my pants to enter, it was a lovely day.)


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