My Favorite Music Video!

● a man lies down on the sidewalk and remains there motionless.
● a man trips over him.
● the man asks him why he is lying down.
● he replies he is fine and please leave him alone.
● more people gather around.
● they want to know why he is lying there, too.
● they think he is crazy.
● he says he is not crazy and asks will they please just let him lie there.
● a police officer arrives and says he cannot just lie there.
● the crowd implores him to tell them why he is lying there.
[he tells them...]

Now this one has got to be the greatest music video ever made. If there's one question asked more than anything else, it's "what the hell does that guy say at the end of the video for 'Just'?" The answer: nobody but the band knows, and they're not budging.

The video focusses on the subtitles of this bloke who decides he'd like to lie flat in the middle of the pavement for no apparent reason. Towards the end, the subtitles are cut as the bloke lets his secret loose... but just what does he say?

Nobody knows what the mans says at the end, and there is no use asking as the band have said that they are never going to reveal the answer. Jamie Thraves, the director, has said, "To tell you would deaden the impact, and would probably make you want to lie down in the road too."

The band play in a flat located in London near Liverpool Street Station (the location for the whole video).

Review by Karen Hands:

This video has two story lines that eventually meet. One is of a man who decides to lie down in the middle of the pavement, the other is of the band who are playing in a room. With the first story, a man trips over the man lying down on the pavement and starts talking to him. The subtitles are up on the screen. It keeps flicking backwards and forwards between this conversation and the band. There are many great 'Thom moments', but some where you can imagine him thinking now: "What the hell was I doing?" Now there is a crowd gathering around the man and they all want to know why he's lying in the middle of the pavement. Eventually he decides to tell them, but at that point the subtitles are turned off and you have try and lip read. I haven't worked it out yet. But whatever it is he says, something odd happens. At this point the band come and look out of the window to see what's going on.

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