We have news!

Yes, two new things will happen here.
One comes from our physical place at BLOOM and is all about our new space coming up on the first floor. It will be our kids section and it's beautiful. We've just finished the painting today. Will receive an upgrade later on because we need to change the windows. But the old and the new are always a good mixture and so we plan to open it very soon. Prepare yourself, prepare your kids, we'll have many things to make you happy.

The second is related to our new Germinator at this blog, Rui, the man from Bogota, will reveal all his expertize and all his passion about the written word. He will bring drops from the books he reads everyday. We are very glad to welcome him here.

We have closed, two days ago, our third month of activities at Bloom. We opened back in the 15th of February and since then many things happened and most of all many books were taken home. That was the confirmation of a demand that we came to supply. People still love books.
On the third month we sold 25% more than the previous month and that makes us very happy because we can continue thoroughly. So we must thank you all for being there.

A Short story by Amy Hempel

The police and emergency service people fail to make a dent. The voice of the pleading spouse does not have the hoped-for effect. The woman remains on the ledge - though not, she threatens, for long.
I imagine that I am the one who must talk the woman down. I see it, and it happens like this.
I tell the woman about a man in Bogota. He was a wealthy man, an industrialist who was kidnapped and held for ransom. It was not like a TV drama; his wife could not call the bank and, in twenty-four hours, have one million dollars. It took months. The man had a heart condition, and the kidnappers had to keep the man alive.
Listen to this, I tell the woman on the ledge. His captors made him quit smoking. They changed his diet and made him exercise every day. They held him that way for three months.
When the ransom was paid and the man was released his doctor looked him over. He found the man to be in excellent health. I tell the woman what the doctor said then - that the kidnap was the best thing to happen to that man.
Maybe this is not a come-down-from-the-ledge story. But I tell it with the thought that the woman on the ledge will ask herself a question, the question that occurred to that man in Bogota.

He wondered how we know that what happens to us isn't good.


  1. roisin said...
    Great short, thanks Rui.
    Ana said...
    Muito bonita a vossa livraria!

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