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For some people the world changed in 1997. They just didn't know it yet. Northern Lite are one of the most popular live acts in electronic music today, but that didn’ t happen over night and is only due to years of persistence and experimentation. After Sebastian Bohn and Andreas Kubat bumped into each other in ‘97, endless hours in the studio followed where ideas on content and musical taste were exchanged and the characteristic Northern Lite sound began to take shape.

After the discovery of Andreas’ voice it quickly became an integral part of the arrangements and the proto-Northern Lite line up was complete. This period of the bands development climaxed with the debut CD “Small Chamber Works” published in March 2000 by 1st. Decade Records, followed by a vinyl (single) from Sauer Records (“Looking At You”). In the time of newly found creative freedom that followed tracks emerged that many would identify as the Northern Lite sound we know today: “Trusting Blind”, “I Cannot Fall”, “Away From You”, “Treat Me Better”. The creative period with Larry Lowe, a guitarrist from Columbia/ South Carolina saw Northern Lite producing titles such as “Reach the Sun”, “My Pain” and “Take Them Away” showing the latest twist in the band’ s development. It rocks! And big time! Especially with their Live-Set do Northern Lite prove this again and again, now having Sascha Littek on board as guitarrist - a first class Lowe-replacement. But they also convince through their clear, eargrabbing harmonies and charismatic live vocals. Northern Lite produce tension, reach out to their listeners and transport emotions through the distinctive Northern Lite sound.

Their Live credentials can now speak for themselves.: Gigs at festivals like the Loveparade/Lovenation, Nature One, Liberty One, SonneMondSterne and the Wire-Festival in Tokyo as well as the Mayday Polska go hand in hand with selective club performances in Berlin, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon and many other cities. In 2004 they gave their debut at the Mayday in Dortmund. At the moment Northern Lite are on tour to promote their new album “Temper”.

This is a version of the famous song from the Queens of the Stone Age, "Go With the Flow", by the german electro-pop-rock band Northern Lite.


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  1. DJ in Transit said...
    Wow, this band is great! I love them and I love Queens of the Stone Age. This is a great version!
    Thanks! I wiil tune BLOOM TV!

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