And who the hell is Peter Suart?

SUART was raised in Hong Kong and worked there from 1985 to 1999 as composer-musician, playwright-performer-set designer, graphic artist, lyricist-poet-writer. He now lives in England.

In 1987 he and Kung Chi Shing formed the box, a theatrical music ensemble, and the duo presented concerts and music theatre works alone and in collaboration with visual artists, choreographers, theatre folk and musicians in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Their last concert was 'Captain Kink's Cabinet' in 1999. They self-released a tape in 1990 and a CD, BOX GO HOME, in 1993.

Suart has performed solo widely and has self-released a tape and five CDs: The Bell ('94), In the Slaughterhouse Garden ('94), Rock'n'Roll Blood ('95), Old Man Bone ('96), Funny Love ('97), Lex Talionis Sub Specie Aeternitatis ('99). He has also worked with many Hong Kong musicians including Dancing Stone, Chan Wai Fat, Julia Mok, Blackbird, Paul Meredith and John Lee.

He has written, directed and performed four one-man theatre pieces at the Hong Kong Arts Centre: The Siege Perilous ('95, The Holy Grail), Grace and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ('96, The Holocaust), Loop ('97, Quantum Mechanics), Identity Parade ('98, Race Relations in Hong Kong).

He has worked in various capacities with Sunny Pang (CCDC and Dance Forum Taipei), Tang Shu Wing (Theatre Resolu and No Man's Land), Chan Ping Chiu (Archaeology Bird), Josh Hon (Artist) and many others.

He has produced graphic art for numerous theatre and dance performances, magazines and books, has exhibited pictures and designed theatre sets. He has written and illustrated 'Where is The World?', published in Hong Kong in 2001 by Mary Chan has written a novella and is making illustrated fiction following his collaboration with MCCM Creations, where he perfomed-compose-wrote the famous Tik and Tok collection, and in between a long poem drawing on the American Civil War.

He has given lectures at ParaSite (on Ken Wilber) and the HK Arts Festival (on Tom Waits) and has guested as an illustration tutor.

He represents a major, and as yet unsuspected, challenge to the world's leading table tennis stars.


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