Questions and bits with Peter Suart

1. Who is Peter Suart, does he live in this World?
His identity remains unclear, but it may well be co-terminous with The World.
2. How and why have you met Hong Kong for the first time?
Came on a plane at the age of two. Daddy followed and got a job.
3. Are Tik and Tok some characters from your dreams, you find them on your life or is just a plan to make the World better? Who are they?
They are aspects of self, brought into being and grossly manipulated. Much like us.
4. Are you Tik? Or Tok?
5. Can you tell us about "The Black Book of Falling"? Why is black, why the constant falling?
There is no ground to stand on in human life.
6. Do you think that by falling we're getting up? Is there a bottom, an end, on the "falling"? Is it the turbulence?
There is an end. It will be nasty. We can learn not to fear it.
7. What do you praise and love the most in Life?
The play of a dark imagination.
8. Where are you going to? Are you in a circle or in a straight line?
Nowhere. The answer is usually 'a helix'.
9. If you could do (everything) what would you do?
Build a tower of stone and wood, somewhere in the far North, in which to read, make books and drum.
10. Any plans to have your books translated in other languages?
Plans exist. They await rain.
11. Thoughts about Macau? Is it Macau anyhow ressembling the gamble, the chance, of Life or is just about easy going money? Do you think is there any philosophy on this? The mysticism of the Gambler? Is there anything else in Life than that?
We're better off without gambling, although I wouldn't bet on that.
12. What would you say for BLOOM-MACAU-HYBRID CULTURE-READERS, do you have a message for us/them?
Could you recommend a good, affordable Portuguese red?
13. Do you have a dog?
Only a toy. Much cheaper.


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