The Germinators

germinate |ˈjərməˌnāt|
verb [ intrans. ]
(of a seed or spore) begin to grow and put out shoots after a period of dormancy.
• [ trans. ] cause (a seed or spore) to sprout in such a way.
• figurative come into existence and develop: the idea germinated and slowly grew into an obsession.


germinable |-nəbəl| adjective
germination |ˌjərməˈnā sh ən| noun
germinative |-ˌnātiv| adjective
germinator |-ˌnātər| noun

ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Latin germinat- ‘sprouted forth, budded,’ from the verb germinare, from germen, germin- ‘sprout, seed.’


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