From Bankgok to Shanghai

If you are on the way to Shanghai or you live there, or even near, don't miss this event, that is taking place at Shangai Studio. Three art exhibitions in one, a video instalation curated by the most talented Jung-Chul Hur that brings 13 video works from Thailand, the photographs from Be Takerng Pattanopas, and the always present Hanspeter Ammann, the man behind the blow ups of Video Art now showing his stand-still pictures.

In a city that takes itself as seriously as Shanghai does, you don't find all too many places to escape from it all.
Welcome to SHANGHAI STUDIO, where you can just kick back and relax, enjoy a cocktail or a few art installations, or just find a quiet corner with your boyfriend.
Laid-back. Unpretentious. Uninhibited. This subterranean labyrinth tucked away off the bustling Huaihai Roadis one of the city's best kept secrets till now.
And we invite you to come discover it for yourself.

HANSPETER AMMANN is a notable video artist and curator who has been making videos and installation works since the 1980s. His work has been shown extensively by international festivals, galleries, museums, and broadcasters. He lives in Zurich and London, and has practiced as a Freudian psychoanalyst since 1992.

From the outside, Shanghai Studio has the appearance of a small, studio-sized bar. Once inside, however, one finds a huge underground maze with so many twists and turns, that the experience is akin to a guest appearance in the TV series, Lost. In the first empty room we came upon, the wall was lined with three huge photos of a half-naked Chinese male. Moving on, in a seemingly fruitless quest for signs of human habitation, we finally did arrive in an extravagantly-lit lounge half-filled with proud pilgrims. Sensing we’d arrived at our destination, we made ourselves comfortable and enjoyed a few glasses of the house red. Musing on our voyage of discovery, we came to the conclusion that while Shanghai Studio might not appeal to everyone, its secluded nature will make it attractive for those in search of the alternative.
That's Shanghai, June 2006

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  1. Bloom * Creative Network said...
    从外面看起来,Shanghai Studio是一个小酒吧,当你走进去,你会发现这里原是一个峰回路转的巨大迷宫!这给顾客们一种像是亲自经历电视剧LOST故事的感受!当你走入第一间房间,你会发现墙上挂着三张巨幅半裸男子的照片。继续前行,当你在为似乎找不到有任何人的踪迹而感到疑惑时,来到奢华的休憩室,你会发现这里已经聚集着很多的客人。终于到达目的地了,我们尽情在这里地享受着红酒,感觉十分舒适、放松。经过这次发现之旅,我们发现Shanghai Studio不一定会吸引着每个人,但它与世隔绝的环境一定会吸引那些想要寻找一些非凡体验的人们。

    That’s Shanghai / 2006年6月

    Hanspeter 是位著名的录像艺术家。他从上世纪80年代就开始拍摄短片,进行装置艺术创作,作品广泛地在国际艺术节、画廊、博物馆以及电台展出。他生活在苏黎世和伦敦,从92年开始成为一名佛洛伊德心理医生。

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