Our very first special "Meet the Author" at BLOOM!

BLOOM is not only about selling books. It’s also about events, gatherings, reading sessions, interaction and exchange of experiences!
To begin this series of events at our space, Bloom and MCCM Creations invited Peter Suart to present his latest book “The Black Book of Falling”, his first in a comic strip format. The main characters are Tik and Tok, previously featured in Tik and Tok Illustrated fiction ("The Storm",“The Love of Learning”, “North”- the latest - amongst others) and what seems at first to be a book for children ends up to be a humoristic book spiced with mysticism and as enjoyable for kids as for grown-ups. Suart even points out that his books may encourage readers to have determination!
Bloom went to Hong Kong yesterday for the opening of Peter Suart's exhibition of the original illustrations of "The Black Book of Falling". These incredible, so talented and genius drawings are certainly worth it!
For those of you who don’t know Peter Suart that well, he was born in Jamaica, grew up in Hong Kong and completed his studies in U.K., where he currently lives. Suart has illustrated several books for The Folio Society in London and has given many talks on illustration. There is something incredible about Peter. Believe it or not, he is a man of many parts! Illustrator, writer, music composer, performer, playwrights, just to name a few! Peter has exhibited his works worldwide. And to the surprise of all, he speaks fluent Cantonese, so he may conduct interviews or talks either in English or Cantonese!
But we shall disclose no further at this time. Come and join BLOOM in this soooo special double launching moment and have the chance to meet Peter and three of his many faces – the Writer, the Illustrator and the most recent one: the Cartoonist!

"Meet the Author" with Peter Suart
Friday • March 23rd • 18:30 @ BLOOM


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