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Macau Restaurant
271 Ormeau Road, BT7 3GG, tel: 02890691800
Belfast - Ireland
Cuisine: Chinese

You Sum It Up!: ♥ ♥ ♥
Price: Reasonable
Food: Average
Service: Good

"I really wouldn’t recommend this restaurant. If I had wanted fast food with poor service I would have went to McDonalds. However the food or service is not a patch on the new fat Buddha which has more time for its customers and u don't mind paying the price because the food is definitely worth it unlike Macau."
JOSHUA H. / 28th January

"The Macau is the best chinese resturant ever. I come from Lisburn to get take aways they are so good. you never have a bad order, eveything is amazing.
It can be expensive but it is worth it and the service is amazing and the owner always greats you with a smile and talks to you about your day. shes the best ever. I would really recommend it. "
Alice / 26th January

"An absolutely fabulous restaurant. The food and staff are first class. Just love dining there. "
Leona / 16th January

"My first time in Macau and wouldn't recommend it. overpriced for the standard of service. The food was ok but a very rushed and unfriendly atmosphere."
Sam / 11th January

"Have been eating chinese cusine all of my life and would frquently dine in Macau Restaurant. I can appreciate were some of the reviews are coming from as I too have noticed a slipping of standards in the restaurant.
The food was fine but the service did not , meet its usually good standard. It did put me off going back I have to say."
Frank / 07th January

"Have been to Macau on several occasions and I am very surprised at some of the reviews. My husband and I usually go on a Sunday evening as we are in the restaurant trade ourselves and we have always found the food and service to be excellant, perhaps those of you who are complaining should stick to your local chinese takeaway as you clearly don't appreciate freshly cooked food with authentic flavour."
Fedup / 04th January

"Was in Macau before Christmas and it seemed very busy which could perhaps could explain the very rushed rushed atmosphere. marks out of 10 i'm afraid I'd have to give it a 4. "
Sueling / 28th December


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