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Hey ladies! Take it off... take it all off! You don't need a brass pole in your living room, you don't need to be a professional dancer, and you certainly don't need a perfect body. All you need are a few key moves, a couple of props, and a little practice. This saucy little kit holds all the accoutrements and information you'll need to pull off a tantalizing 'tease. You'll be vamping it up in no time at all. Va va voom!

• 48-page illustrated guide
• 2 red sequined pasties with adhesive
• Sheer black scarf
• Body glitter
• 10 fold-out cards with fully illustrated routines

"Striptease Kit - A Guide to the Art of Striptease" by Jennifer Axen and Leigh Phillips
Illustrations by Barbara McGregor • CHRONICLE BOOKS • ISBN: 9780811846387 • MOP$ 235

With the same romance and drama that put his Griffin & Sabine saga on the New York Times best-seller list for over 100 weeks, selling three million copies in 12 international editions, Nick Bantock presents an unforgettable story of one woman's journey to self-discovery. Ana, a striking young dancer, is promised in marriage to a man she doesn't love. No one understands her reluctance to wed. After all, isn't Marco a fine man? Won't the union of their two families benefit her people? And yet . . . Guided by her heart and forces she does not yet recognize, she flees to the exotic port of Serona in search of Felix Bulerias, a man reputed to have the answers she seeks. But along the way, the attentions of four unusual men threaten to lure Ana in directions that she could never have fathomed—and lead her down a path of sensuality and understanding beyond any she could ever have imagined. Bantock's compelling narrative is accompanied by over 200 masterful color collages that form a frieze throughout. Brimming with myth and intrigue, Windflower is sure to enchant Nick Bantock fans the world over.
Features a bookplate autographed by the author.

Nick Bantock is the author of the non-fiction works The Artful Dodger and Urgent: Second Class as well as, among other books, his famed Griffin & Sabine saga. Born in England, Nick Bantock now makes his home in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Edoardo Ponti, the son of Carlo Ponti and Sophia Loren, is a screenwriter and film director of, most recently, Between Strangers.

"Windflower Pack"
by Nick Bantock and Edoardo Ponti
HARDCOVER • CHRONICLE BOOKS • ISBN: 9780811885508 • MOP$ 233

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