A break for... a Tango!

For the tanguero, Tango is as much a part of life as eating and sleeping. Not a dance but an obsession. It's the erotic, passionate and melancholic connection of two bodies and two souls.


  1. ring said...
    Wanna dance with you...
    teresa said...
    he extends his right hand toward me
    and raises his left in invitation
    I place my hand in his and step into his embrace
    his arm so soft yet firm around me
    and with this ordinary extraordinary movement
    we are connected
    and stirred into a sea of tango
    the music a murmured incantation
    on the night breeze
    lit from within
    we rise like the moon
    full and gleaming
    floating in the deep dark blue
    of this tango
    already traversing earth, air and water
    already traveling space and time
    already there
    already gone

    (The Secret Diaries of Sonia D'Angel)
    ring said...
    I saw it! It was extraordinary... we can never stop...

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