Segundo o contador ali da coluna da direita, já passaram por aqui quase três mil visitas. E quase todas elas silenciosas. Hoje, dia de Liberdade (de se escrever ou de ficar com as palavras só para nós), deixamos um desafio: peguem na caneta! Escrevam-nos! Sobre qualquer coisa, tudo ou nada, se for caso disso! Digam de vossa justiça – afinal, a Bloomlândia existe (também) pelas palavras que se escrevem.

We had almost three thousand visitors here, according to that counter on the right side. Most of them are really quiet. Today, a day to be Free (freedom of writing or keeping the words for ourselves), we challenge you: use your pen! Write us! About anything, about everything or nothing! Tell us what you think – Bloomland (also) exists because of the words that we all write.

(Título roubado ao Sérgio Godinho, a quem roubaria as frases todas de bom grado.)


  1. senhor manel said...
    (para falar em liberdade...:)

    "Sweep the house clean,
    hang fresh curtains
    in the windows
    put on a new dress
    and come with me!
    The elm is scattering
    its little loaves
    of sweet smells
    from a white sky!

    Who shall hear of us
    in the time to come?
    Let him say there was
    a burst of fragrance
    from black branches."

    (William Carlos Williams, Love Song)
    isabel said...
    Bonito! Bom 26 de Abril!
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