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Photographer Ron van Dongen, long celebrated for his stunning duotone floral photography, has created his first work in rich color. This gorgeous edition of detailed and dramatic images captures the sculptural essence of flowers—exotic orchids and common daisies alike. Exhibited in galleries in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Japan, van Dongen's work is often compared to Mapplethorpe and O'Keeffe for its exceptional beauty.

Ron van Dongen was born in Venezuela, raised in the Netherlands, and studied photography in San Francisco. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Peter Fetterman is a fine art photography dealer based in Santa Monica, California.

Ron's photographs are portraits; plants and flowers his subjects. After nurturing them from seed or spore they pose for Ron's lens when he deems the moment right. The results are a deeply personal, intimate recording of architecture, life, frailty, resolve, emotion, and sensuality.
Ralph Lauren

"Bloom" by Ron van Dongen / Foreword by Peter Fetterman
CHRONICLE BOOKS • ISBN: 9780811857567 • MARCH 2007


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