Auster, always (1)

É um dos nossos favoritos. Por muitas razões. Por todas as razões. Porque a escrita flui, a leitura escorrega, porque há livros dentro de livros e sobretudo porque escreve sobre coisas simples como nós.

He is one of our favorites. And that is for many reasons, for all the reasons. Because the words have wings, the words that we can’t catch but that are always ours, because there are books inside the books and, most important of all, because he writes about simple things as us.

“I have rattled on for a dozen pages, but until now my sole object has been to introduce myself to the reader and set the scene for the story I am about to tell. I am not the central character of that story. The distinction of bearing the title of Hero of this book belongs to my nephew, Tom Wood, the only son of my late sister, June. Little June-Bug, as we called her, was born when I was three, and it was her arrival that precipitated our parents’ departure from a crowded Brooklyn apartment to a house in Garden City, Long Island. We were always fast friends, she and I, and when she married twenty-four years later (six months after our father’s death), I was the one who walked her down the aisle and gave her away to her husband, a New York Times business reporter named Christopher Wood.”

in The Brooklyn Follies, Paul Auster

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  1. Noite said...
    Gosto tanto, mas tanto de Paul Auster! Li As Loucuras de Brooklin no Verão passado, adorei. :)

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