300 something

- Don't let yourself down. Be strong. Go for it!
- What?
- Yes! Stand up. Let it go, that ignominious universe.
- Who?
- The worms. The less, the fewer, the meaningless. The in vain!
- Oh, come on... what are you saying? Who are you?! Where did you come from?
- Insignificant sons of a bitch!
- Would you like to watch out your manners?
- The sophomoric, inflated by bullshit, useless...
- Allright you had your time, now you can go.
- Ok. Thank you very much. Where do I get payed?
- You get payed by the next time you come?
- What?
- Yes, you get payed by space in this blog. We let you come again. Not just once, but more. Each time you come you get another chance.
- And do you think that's fair? And how do I eat?
- That's fair enough. You eat your own words. Thank you. Bye bye.
And the man is pushed out of this blog!

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  1. A man pushed into this Blog said...
    Ring Joid is out of anything I know. Keep it up. It's always a pleasure to read you!

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