Our Children at BLOOMLAND!

We have a small bunch of sunshine that has come to do arts and crafts at Bloomland.
They have learned a lot amongst their playmates. We explored water color techniques and different brush strokes making rainbows and castles. Felt was used to place parts together for a final project Butterflies and Toy Soldiers. The children learned mosaic which took patience and stride. Their efforts paid off with a finished oval and many blues, greens, purple, red and orange on a surrounding sky blue backdrop poster board. The children explored many areas shapes, colors, texture and listening skills.
On Sunday the children participated on Keepsake Boxes that they created in a world of paint. Their own imagination and design was explored. Some painted in design others just a lot of color. The final step being a small fairy that was placed inside the box to keep them safe. All the children were happy to read stories at story time the books at Bloom are all educational and informative. Puppet theatre was great fun. The children played with me as Curious George found a new ice cream shop. We explored flavor of ice cream, and of course George’s favorite ice cream was Banana with a little whip cream on his nose.

We had loads of fun and hope to see you all this weekend!


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