Michelle Thomas

Keywords: Happy, spontaneous, goofy, giggly, passionate, extraordinary, believer, crazy, caring, cuddly, dynamic, popular, risky, bold and of course magical.

Michelle enjoys most anything and can encourage most anyone to participate. I have 10+ years in childcare and children's education. The most important thing to me in relationships with kids is caring. A young child once asked me "How do you do that?" and I said with no detailed instructions just caring eyes, patience and courage, I delightfully guided him on how it was done. At that time I realized my passion was with kids. I just wanted to have FUN with them.

My education: I have a degree in Early Childhood Education that I majored in Child Psychology. This hands on course brings you in and out of the classroom to work with special needs, handicapped, and abandoned children as well as the nursery classroom. I enjoyed the courses and have since owned and operated a small nursery school in Macau called the Friendship Company. Now that Bloom and Friendship Co. have united the Children will have the educational material for learning at home. I am so happy to give that to the children and the people of Macau.

My home: Is here in Macau although originally I come from Canada. My training and experience is also from Cape Town, South Africa.

My life: I have two beautiful daughters, age 8 and 3, and a wonderful husband who also works here in Macau.

Why? Children are a gift from GOD, carefree individuals with personality and character - Why not enjoy their company and feel their energy. They need confidence and awareness from all different areas. Reading books is a way to connect to their inner self and positive reflections. Guiding them is our job.
Hope to see you soon!

Ms. Michelle


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