The Job Interview

Two men seated in each side of a desk. High ceiling. Cool temperature.
- For this job you must have a girl friend. Do you have a girl friend?
- No, I don't!
- Alright, so you can leave. Thank you and good day.
- Good day? But do you think is that easy to have a girl friend?
- Yes, it is.
- Are you crazy? I don't have a girl friend for ages and the last time I got laid was with someone I don't even remember the face. I was so drunk!
- I dispense the details. Have a nice day.
- Do you think I want to have your stupid job? "Must have a girl friend". You moron.
- I will call the security now.
- Girl friends? You and your stupid casino, your little sampans, your fake latins.
- "Security, please come to my office!"
- The fucking skiffs. The kayaks. Your gondoliers!
A guard enters the room.
- Please, take this man away.
- Do you think I care how many girl friends you have? How many times you kiss them? DO YOU THINK I CARE?
The guard opens the window and throws the man out.
He lands on a small lifeboat that was passing by through the canal. He lands on the top of a woman. Right on her lap.
He asks.
- Excuse me for the short time and manners but do you want do be my girl friend?

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  1. another girlfriend said...
    That was cool ring. Ever happened to you?

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