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Recycle The Essential Guide is an indispensable handbook to recycling today. With vibrant visuals and a clear, accessible layout, the book illustrates all angles of the subject — from the urgency of resource depletion on a global scale to what the individual reader can do in their own home, and from corporate strategies for a greener future to burgeoning small scale eco-design projects.

Recycle opens with an introduction from renowned Guardianjournalist, Lucy Siegle. In her own inimitable way, Siegle contextualises recycling in the global economy; discussing change and continuity and raising questions about the future of a practice that has it's origins in Plato's Republic.
Comprehensive sections on recyclable materials: Paper, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Household Waste and Compost follow. Each material is explained in depth; how it is sourced, its impact on the environment, how it can be recycled and what each individual reader can do to facilitate this process.
It's time to wake up and smell the rubbish. It's time to take responsibility for our waste.
Recycle is the essential guide for all those who want to take that journey but aren't sure where to start.

Recycle, The Essential GuideBlack Dog Publishing
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