Book Facts - Did you know?

The word "Book" has its origin on the Old English bōc [a document or charter], bōcian [to grant by charter,] of Germanic origin; related to Dutch boek and German Buch, and probably to BEECH (on which runes were carved).

bring someone to book bring someone to justice; punish.
by the book strictly according to the rules: a cop who doesn't exactly play it by the book.
close the book on lay aside; expend no further energy on: Congress closed the book on wool subsidies.
in someone's bad (or good) books chiefly Brit. in disfavor (or favor) with a person.
in my book in my opinion : that counts as a lie in my book.
make book take bets on the outcome of an event: figurative I wouldn't make book on it.
one for the books an extraordinary feat or event.
on the books contained in a book of laws or records: discriminatory laws still on the books the longest pitching career on the books.
People of the Book Jews and Christians as regarded by Muslims.
suit one's book Brit. be convenient to one : it didn't suit her book at all to be moved.
take a leaf from (or out of) someone's book imitate or emulate someone in a particular way : Gorbachev must take a leaf from Deng's book and offer tangible benefits.
throw the book at informal charge or punish (someone) as severely as possible.
wrote the book be the leader in the field : John wrote the book on goatpacking.
you can't judge a book by its cover proverb outward appearances are not a reliable indication of true character.


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