The end of the rumoring hollow

After months of marketing quest the book is here. Bloomsbury proved once again how to do business, how to to make several million bucks in no time. It's not just Harry Potter or his vast types of hallows. Is not only J. K. Rowling allowing her to do the most of her writing. This is the best "best seller" in world's history of publishing. Just for the USA it was made an edition of 12 million books. It's a big machine rolling, a whole of test and drive. For the first edition of Harry Potter's first adventure they were printed only 500 copies. They spread it mouth to mouth, from here to there, and when you get noticed it was already a high mark on heaven. A magical curse that flew around the four corners of the planet Earth.
We'll have it at BLOOM, the final blast, the epilogue, the farewell party of this big kid. You can get it for much less than you think and if you find it cheaper somewhere else in Macau you can let us know and we'll write it down.


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