Dedicated body

Greil is a failed musician turned unsuccessful freelance journalist with a coke habit, a penchant for gambling and a huge debt to pay. His debt collectors are thugs who have given him two days to come up with a grand. If he fails, he'll learn the hard way why he shouldn`t have messed with them in the first place.

Heidi is young, beautiful and ambitious. She works as a lapdancer at a club called All Fur Coat. She'll do anything to become a model, including, it seems, sleeping with the boss and risking the antagonism of Fortune, Joy, Pleasure and all the other lapdancers.

Simon is an artist unhealthily obsessed with an actress whose face appears on tube posters everywhere advertising her new musical. He is dedicated to removing the chewing-gum people so frequently stick on her photo to make her body pure and perfect again.

ALL FUR COAT is the story of these three individuals, whose roller-coaster lives become dangerously and intricately intertwined as events spiral out of control towards the novel`s inevitable dramatic conclusion.

All Fur Coat by Andrew Holmes
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton • AVAILABLE AT BLOOM


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