The Dispositions of the Linen (six)

dis • po • si • tion |ˌdispəˈzi sh ən|
1 a person's inherent qualities of mind and character : a sweet-natured girl of a placid disposition.
• [often with infinitive ] an inclination or tendency : the cattle showed a decided disposition to run | the judge's disposition to clemency.
2 the way in which something is placed or arranged, esp. in relation to other things : the plan need not be accurate so long as it shows the disposition of the rooms.
• the action of arranging or ordering people or things in a particular way : the prerogative gives the state widespread powers regarding the disposition and control of the armed forces.
• ( dispositions) military preparations, in particular the stationing of troops ready for attack or defense : the new strategic dispositions of our forces.
3 Law the action of distributing or transferring property or money to someone, in particular by bequest : this is a tax that affects the disposition of assets on death.
4 the power to deal with something as one pleases : if Napoleon had had railroads at his disposition, he would have been invincible.
• archaic the determination of events, esp. by divine power.

ORIGIN late Middle English : via Old French from Latin dispositio(n-), from disponere ‘arrange’ (see dispose ).
1 a nervous disposition TEMPERAMENT, nature, character, constitution, makeup, mentality.
2 his disposition to generosity INCLINATION, tendency, proneness, propensity, proclivity.
3 the disposition of the armed forces ARRANGEMENT, positioning, placement, configuration; setup, lineup, layout, array; marshaling, mustering, grouping; Military dressing.
4 Law : the disposition of the company's property DISTRIBUTION, disposal, allocation, transfer; sale, auction.


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