Alien revenge

She didn't want to have the baby. It was a big mistake. A brief encounter that ended up in some kind of agony. So she didn't care. She didn't go to a doctor. She has not changed her existence at all and went on with her days with the vague expectation of loosing what was growing inside her. Like when you run to the bus and you loose your purse. Just like that.
Boy or girl? Whatever! Twins? Buzz off!

By the 5th month it was evident that something was wrong. Her skin was starting to change into something nobody could answer. There was no medical explanation for it. People would grab her on the street and take her to TV Shows, to Conferences, to Science Fiction Gatherings. Everybody wanted to know who was the father. Why was her skin changing color like a chameleon.
By the fourteen show at the local TV Station, where they used different scenarios to prove, live, to the audience at home what was the fuss about. She told the microphone on her lap, the only object or thing she would still trust and make any type of confidence:
"You see, I was on the parking lot on the way to the supermarket, then there was this giant lizard-man who whispered me from around the corner and asked me to light up his cigarette. I didn't care and I gave him a couple of matches I always carry with me, just in case something happens. So he lighted one of the matches and then I heard a blow on my mind, something that looped the whisper endlessly: 'Do you have light, darling? Do you have light, darling? Do you have light, darling?...'
Next thing I remember was the color of the bed sheets they were made of flowers, turquoise brownish flowers, that had electricity and would give me shivers all around my body..."

She would tell a different story every time she was taken to The Studio, people would never tell if she was lying or not, they believed her every time because her skin color were verging through all the specter of the rainbow. And everyone was amazed by it. She was a worldwide phenomenon.

The time she gave birth, everything was prepared by the biggest media mogul in the world. Life stopped on the planet just to watch her scream out the baby-lizard. It was terrible.

After that. After the blowing of the match. All the women in the world woke up in turquoise-brownish blankets and could not remember what happened before. They just felt a memory regarding the light of a cigarette. That would loop in some kind of whisper. ''Do you have light, darling?' Most of them didn't care about it.
And the next day, after they found out their pregnancy, they didn't tell anyone on the expectation that anyhow they would loose it on the way to the bus.

That was when the first woman was released from her trauma and started to live a normal life.

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