A tiny line of of your soul

Out of the Book Films is a groundbreaking project from Powell's Books delivering engaging portraits of writers and their work. More expansive than traditional readings, the project aims to generate spirited discussion about great new books and their impact on readers' lives. Here's is the trailer from Ian Mcewan's On Chesil Beach.
Out of the Book's first edition features bestselling British author Ian McEwan and his novel, On Chesil Beach. Directed by Doug Biro (Herbie Hancock: Possibilities) and shot over four days in England and the United States, the film includes interviews with McEwan in London, on-location footage from Chesil Beach, an original soundtrack, commentary from peers and critics, and more.
We'll try to get them for you and have them available at our store. In the meanwhile hold on a bit, give us your attention and taste it in HERE.



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